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Long Live You was founded in 2017 to help women in the local Prahran community experience the transformational power of smart, fun and science-backed exercise.

By incorporating multi-directional movement, as well as advanced lymphatic and vagus nerve stimulation, into our Small Group and Semi-Private training, we empower our tribe to live stronger, longer and happier lives.

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With a Bachelor of Science to her name, Leonie has a lifelong fascination with the human body. Although her first career took her in a different direction, after many years working in the world of marketing, she suffered a personal health crisis that would completely change the direction of her life.

A focus on fitness and wellness became so integral to Leonie’s healing that, in 2014, she made the decision to study to become a personal trainer – and has never looked back.

Combining her love for exercise and nature, in 2017 she took the leap and founded her outdoor fitness business Long Live You. Since then, she has added to her training skillset by studying to become a Movement Coach and now also incorporates elements of Lymphatic and Vagus Nerve stimulation techniques into her sessions.

Leonie is passionate about instructing innovative, progressive movement that empowers women to positively influence their overall health and wellbeing. Fostering a warm and inclusive community, she looks forward to welcoming you to the Tribe.

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We’re passionate about helping our tribe discover a better way of moving that can dramatically impact all areas of life – but don’t just take our word for how effective we are, here’s what they say!