Live long
Live strong
live happy!

We are a supportive outdoor training community in the heart of Prahran, passionate about helping our tribe discover a better way to move, train and live.

Whether you opt for semi-private or small group workouts, our innovative multi-directional training will help you develop a robust and resilient body to handle the rigours of everyday life.


we exist to help you feel, move and sleep better

And if training with us makes you feel happier and more confident about the way you look, then that’s an added bonus (and highly likely!)

My name’s Leonie and I created Long Live You in 2017 to help women in my local Prahran community tap into the life-transforming power of smart, science-backed and fun exercise.

I am a qualified Movement Coach and have undertaken further study that enables me to incorporate advanced lymphatic and vagus nerve stimulation into my training. Unsure what that means? Don’t worry, my Long Live You team and I can enlighten you, and help you reap the enormous benefits of these advanced training techniques.


We guide you through simple and easy 3D movements that effectively lengthen and elasticise connective tissue in your body to increase motion and improve postural alignment.

Multi-directional movement

Exercises that move the body in 3 different ‘planes’ – forward and backward; side-to-side; and rotational – increase balance and strength, and reduce injury.

Lymphatic system work

Techniques that stimulate lymphatic fluid flow throughout the body, which boosts immunity and helps the body to deliver nutrients and remove waste from cells.

Vagus nerve stimulation

Using techniques that stimulate the vagus nerve (the major inflammatory control centre of the body), we can reduce pain, improve sleep and calm the body for many health benefits.

Our Services


Semi-private training

Discover human movement that goes beyond traditional gym workouts. Learn to train your body in multiple directions to create a strong and resilient body that is ready for everyday life.

Sessions include cutting edge Powerplate vibration, lymphatic system love and vagus nerve stimulation to move your body towards optimal health.


Small group training

Working out in a fun and supportive group environment is a great way to push yourself that little bit harder during your training, and to share some smiles while doing so!

Join in the fun of our amazing community of like-minded ladies, choosing from a range of classes that includes Stick Mobility, Resistance, Boxing and Cardio.


1-on-1 movement consultation

Our experienced movement professionals can empower you to achieve your specific wellness and fitness goals.

The consultation will be the first step on your journey to discovering movements that lengthen, strengthen and mobilise your body, ready for whatever life has in store.



Working out in a group is a fun and effective way to push yourself that little bit harder during your training! Choose from Mobility, Cardio, Boxing, Resistance or HIIT – or do them all!


What Our ClientS Say

We’re passionate about helping our tribe discover a better way of moving that can dramatically impact all areas of life – but don’t just take our word for how effective we are, here’s what they say!



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