Better eat now, just in case I get hungry later

Hungry blog

Do you know how to be hungry?

In a fast paced world, we usually eat when the clock tells us to or when we need to fit food around our highly scheduled lives.

Hunger is nothing to worry about and it is not an enemy.

Let’s switch our thinking and be thankful for experiencing hunger and try to feel it fully. It is great to give yourself time to experience the sensation of hunger. Where do you feel it in your body? Do you feel it in your mouth? In your gut? In your mind? All over?

When we sink into feeling the sensations of the body, we reconnect, escape the insanity of the mind and busy world and we begin to allow our hunger to simply be what it is. It is just a natural sensation in the body.

For some it is a no-brainer, for the rest of us, let’s give it a go!

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