Body Unaware


Body Unaware


Today when you are going about your business, ask yourself if you are unaware of your body.


Let’s face it, if your body is working perfectly, you are not aware of it. Mmmmmm………sounds like an opposite theory, doesn’t it.


But, I don’t think I know anyone who is not aware of their body. You know that story of when you get out of bed in the morning and you limp or shuffle to the bathroom, or you rise from a chair and it feels like someone put super glue into some of your joints?


In a modern day world, our lives are more and more sedentary and our bodies don’t like it! Our bodies were designed to move and to move a lot. But, we know that it is a daily battle, to give your body what it needs and loves in order to keep striving towards having a body that you are unaware of.


Our passion is the long term health and fitness of our members and we love nothing more than to provide often very simple exercises,

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