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How well you age and the ability to prevent cognitive decline, depends upon the removal of excess toxins from the brain and from the fluid around the spinal cord.

The health of all tissue in the body is always reliant upon getting nutrients in and waste out. But if you cannot get waste out and proteins gather in the brain, alzheimers disease and neuro inflammatory diseases are the result. The micro environment of the brain is controlled by the lymphatic, glymphatic and venous systems.

The really exciting thing about learning about unclogging your ‘brain toilet,’ is that there are lots of things that you can do in your daily self care routine that are quick and easy, that are really beneficial. The fact is that you have to clear the lymphatic system below the brain first, because fluid flow in the body is all about pressure. If you are lymphatically blocked in your abdomen for example, it creates back pressure and your brain cannot drain as it should.

Sharing this knowledge, the latest research and techniques to help is something we are really passionate about. We wish nothing more than for everyone to live long, healthy and happy lives.

Reference: Dr Perry Nickelston. @stopchasingpain

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