Everything sagging!


Everything sagging!


One of the building blocks of fascia is collagen which forms, thick twisted bands of densely packed fibres that support our movements and posture.


If you are perimenopausal or menopausal, your oestrogen levels will be declining. That decline in oestrogen equals a reduction in collagen. Unfortunately that equals myofascial issues including that ugly word, SAGGING!!!


Our internal organs are also housed in fascia, so unfortunately as we become wiser, everything gets a bit saggy, both inside and out. This can also mean that your pelvic floor etc can be effected.


If you are someone that is a little bendy e.g. you roll an ankle easily or you can place your thumb on your forearm, collagen supplementation can be really beneficial to help with tissue repair and remodelling. Ask your health care provider about it!

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