Fascia responds to your nervous system


Fascia, or connective tissue, is a fibrous web (a bit like this onion bag) that surrounds every structure in your body!

Fascia has approximately 6 times more sensory nerves compared to muscle and understandably responds to your nervous system. It contains 4 types of sensory nerve endings that each respond to various kinds of touch.

Intuitively, we all know that stress shows up in our bodies in one way or another. Have you ever woken up with a really stiff neck when you have been dealing with something stressful? It is no coincidence!

You can think of fascia as your largest sensory organ in your body and your vagus nerve (the longest and most important nerve in your body) plays a key role in communicating what is happening in your body to your brain.

Helping your vagus nerve and doing small daily tasks like simply becoming aware of how you feel, moving, diaphragmatic breathing, rolling and releasing through the chest and ribcage or using vibration are all brilliant things to do.

As with all practices, the most benefit comes from repeating these tasks on a regular basis.

Reference: Robert Schleip, Dr Stephen Porges

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