Float Therapy Helps You Exercise


Float Therapy Helps You Exercise

Making sure that you recover properly from exercise is hugely beneficial in getting you closer towards achieving your health and fitness goals. Below are the top five physical benefits of float therapy that help the elite and non-elite get the best out of their physical bodies.


1. Reduces lactic acid build-up

When you exercise at a strenuous rate, such as lifting heavy weights, it requires energy production faster than your body can sufficiently deliver oxygen. This means you will start to produce energy anaerobically (without oxygen) to carry out the exercise successfully. Over time, your body creates lactate in the absence of oxygen, resulting in sore muscles, fatigue, and acidity in your muscle cells. It combines the dense concentration of Magnesium Sulphate and Epsom salt solution in a floatation tank, creating the unique anti-gravitational effect that helps to improve blood flow to the extremities and thus flush out the lactic acid and toxins that can build up after training.


2. Aids in the healing of injuries

Again, the antigravity effect of floatation therapy relieves tension in the body and allows your muscles to relax fully. This takes the pressure off your spine and central nervous system, giving your joints and tendons a reprieve. This will allow any soft tissue or joint issues to recover and speed up the healing process.


3. Improves sleep

Floatation therapy allows you to access a deeper level of relaxation, helping the body and mind to get a better quality of sleep that improves recovery. The tank also has a high concentration of magnesium solution in the water, which increases GABA in the body, a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep


4. Stress relief

Floatation therapy reduces the production of stress hormones in your body. One of these hormones is cortisol which is produced during exercise. If you have been feeling a little more highly strung despite getting outside and exercising, this could be due to the increase in cortisol and stress that your body is undertaking. Give back to your body with floatation therapy to help reduce cortisol and stress levels.


5. Allows for faster recovery from training

With the reduction in the lactic acid build-up, recovery from injuries, a better night’s sleep and a decrease in stress levels, it is no wonder that floatation therapy allows for faster recovery from training and general exercise. Athletes will always try to get an edge over their competitors. When everybody is training hard, the small advantages come down to one’s ability to recover from stress and training.

So if you are finding that you are feeling fatigued, have sore muscles or increased stress levels after exercise, give back to your body through floatation therapy. Adaptation comes from stress and rest, and we often forget about the rest portion in a busy and hectic world.


Dr Mychelle Whitewood

Water Temple Floatation Therapy

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