Glimmers & Triggers


Glimmers & Triggers


Simmer on a glimmer today!


Glimmers – these cue your body to know it is safe. These are things that make you feel good and can be smells, songs, food, places, people or thoughts.


Triggers – these cue your body to start up it’s survival responses. With everyone working from home, home schooling etc, things can feel challenging and you may notice some things triggering you. e.g. an argument with your partner, being cut off by someone in traffic, frustration of dealing with home schooling. Triggers are whatever causes you to feel stressed.


The concept of glimmers and triggers was developed by Deb Dana who is a close colleague of neuroscientist Dr Stephen Porges.


You can help your body to use this theory by simply recognising your triggers. When you feel ‘triggered,’ bringing your attention to your glimmers can bring your autonomic nervous system back to a place to regain perspective and take you out of a defense state.


Some of my glimmers include:

Animal flow movements with extended exhales.

Rain on a tin roof – takes me back to my childhood.

Escape perfume – takes me to Africa as I bought it duty free on the way!

Meditative cello music (by Janice Wong), provides me with an instant emotional shift.


Mentally imagining and revisiting your glimmers throughout the day can act as a remedy to your triggers! Glimmers bring you back to calm, help you feel relaxed and bring a smile to your face.


Consciously simmer on a glimmer today to keep on a positive pathway.


(For more information read Polyvagal Theory by Dr Stephen Porges).

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