Happiness is an inside job


Happiness is an inside job


With the fear, worry and uncertainty from continued lockdowns, isn’t it about time to find some happiness? As a society we are in a constantly stressed state, but there is one thing for sure and that is that we all deserve to be happy. But how do we find happiness?? We have to build new pathways to our brain and we can use our happiness hormones to help us. (Our happiness hormones are dopamine, serotonin, endrophin and oxytocin).


Let’s go with Taylor Swift and ‘SHAKE IT OUT!!’ Motion effects EMOTION.


Shake for just 30 seconds every day this week. Make it fun and enjoyable. Put music on if it helps! On the first day you do this, you might feel a bit silly, but just let the movement flow freely and see if you can involuntarily allow your body to move however it wants to. It doesn’t matter how small or large your shaking is, just go with it!


After practising shaking, close your eyes afterwards, take a big sigh and see if you can notice a calmer and more relaxed state.


For those that have done our ‘Vagal Nerve Tone Workshop,’ you may recall the zebra being chased by a lion and that the zebra resets their nervous system to a calm state by shaking. Shaking is a ‘rest and digest’ or parasympathetic nervous system stimulator. Shaking it out is actually a form of therapy for trauma and is even used with soldiers!


Happiness starts now and it is a choice.

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