How to Get Better at Stress (14)

How to Get Better at Stress

How do you get better at stress?

It turns out good social connection helps! Yep!!

Oxytocin is nicknamed the 'cuddle' hormone as it is released when you hug someone. Oxytocin
makes you crave physical contact with friends and family.

Your pituitary gland also pumps out oxytocin as part of the bodies stress response. Adrenaline
makes your heart beat quickly and oxytocin motivates you to seek support or get help!

So, when life gets tough and oxytocin is released as part of the stress response, we are actually
hormonally driven to be surrounded by people who care about us.

Pretty cool, hey!!

Social connection is a brilliant part of our community.

If you would like to learn more, please check out this TED talk;

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