Hydration and your posture


Hydration and your posture


The human body is an adaptation machine! It works very hard to help you to be efficient in whatever you do the most. Unfortunately our modern world includes lots of sitting and forward postures. Our body will adapt according to the positions that it ‘thinks’ you need to be most efficient in.


Take a moment to really look at this extreme example of how tissue adapts over time. Imagine the pain and discomfort.


Our connective tissue or fascia holds us in correct postural alignment. It surrounds every nerve, muscle, bone and organ and it guides all movements. It looks after our entire frame and systems. Our fascia responds to repetitive movements, poor diet, dehydration and emotional stress.


The fascial matrix is filled with fluid like a sponge. During movement or application of pressure, fluid is pushed out of these tissues. When pressure is released, the area refills with new fluid. Have you ever noticed that when you have been sitting for long periods of time, your hamstrings feel stiff and dehydrated when you try to stand up?


I know it sounds obvious, but help your body and drink more water. Our muscles and connective tissue are between 60 – 80% water and water must be available in our system for the tissues to be able to benefit and respond when you move. Movement acts as a pump to drive hydration into tissue where it most needs it.


And most importantly, keep sticking with movements that open the front of the body, just like the ones that we use in a warm up in every session.

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