Pelvic Floor Tips


Pelvic Floor Tips


Your pelvic floor health is really important, so if you are ever concerned, please get advice from a women’s health/pelvic health physiotherapist. (We recommend Fitwise Physiotherapy).


Some simple and general tips include the following:

  • Always exercise in the morning as that is when your pelvic floor is at it’s strongest.

  • Use the following 3 step method:

  1. Posture. Focus on your start position and posture.

  2. Breathe. Always exhale on exertion.

  3. Pelvic Floor activation.

  • As a general rule, avoid high impact or high intensity exercises.

  • Slow down and take your time to move from one position to the next.

  • Sit on a swiss ball.

  • Use a bridge position to use gravity to your advantage.

  • Shorten the lever in your movement i.e. keep dumbbells close to your body.

  • Use lighter weights.

  • Avoid exercises where there is direct downward pressure on the pelvic floor e.g. abdominal crunches, squat jumps, deep side lunges.

  • Do basic exercises well.

There is always a safe alternative, so please ask us how to keep exercising well.


References: Mish Wright, Jen Dugard, Pelvic Floor First.

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