Reduce your body’s need to hold onto fat

Reduce your body’s need to hold onto fat   When lymph is not efficient, the body relies more on other detox organs such as kidneys, liver, lungs, fat and skin.   When these detox organs become overburdened, it moves toxins into body fat and away from vital structures.   Fat cells then surround these toxins as a form of protection and survival. Survival is your body’s first priority, ALWAYS. Your brain will not allow you to burn body fat when the fat cells are full of toxins because you unleash toxins on a system that cannot eliminate them.   You can therefore understand that helping fluid to flow within your body can not only help to get nutrients into cells and the yucky stuff out of cells, but also help with weight loss!   Lymph does not have a pump, so the only way that we can assist lymphatic fluid to flow is by using movement and diaphragmatic breathing. But your body will often need a little help to unblock some of the choked lymph nodes, such as those near your collar bone.   We are super passionate about teaching Dr Perry Nickelston’s lymphatic stimulation techniques in our semi-private sessions. Our members who perform these techniques on a daily basis have even been complimented by their friends at how good their skin looks!! This is simply because they are focusing on eliminating toxins from the body.

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