Running Tips


Running Tips

It is no secret that your mental state effects your physical performance. There is proven research that shows us that muscle wasting occurs with prolonged high concentrations of cortisol (stress hormones) in the blood. Stress also effects our bodies ability to recover from exercise and chronic stress is a risk factor for the development of muscular pain. Have a think about the days that your exercise feels like it flows and you get ‘in the zone.’ What was your mental state when you were performing at your best? Or think about if you have participated in a running event. If you felt really tired, but someone from the crowd yelled out your name and spurred you on to do your best, would your pace and ability to keep going be affected? YES! Your physical ability is no different, but it is your mental state that effects your physical performance. When you walk/jog/run this week, instead of thinking ‘this is a nightmare,’ I feel tired,’ ‘I can’t run,’ I’m just not built to run,’This is too hard,’ ‘I am never doing this again,’ etc. CREATE YOUR OWN MANTRA. ‘Strong arms, strong legs, keep going.’ REPEAT IT OVER AND OVER. Make yourself present in the moment and see if you can put yourself into a ‘flow state.’ If you can get your mind, emotions and physical body all working together, you will experience amazing things. Mental, emotional and physical are all connected. Everything is connected to everything. Try it. See if you can create a state when everything comes together. Make your walk/jog/run flow by starting in your head.

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