Sleep Tips


Sleep Tips


Did you know that even jellyfish sleep!?


Sleep ‘cleans’ your brain. It is important for restoration and is critical for many reasons, including:

· Physical performance

· Cognitive performance e.g. attention, focus, learning, memory and creativity

· Immune health

· Removal of toxic byproducts e.g. beta amyloid (a product that builds up in Alzheimer’s Disease

· Preventing and fighting off disease

· Weight regulation

· Mental health


What is good sleep?

· You fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed

· You sleep through the night with few, brief awakenings

· You wake up feeling refreshed

· You are alert throughout the day

· Recommendation for adults: 7 – 9 hours per night (it is rare that people need less).

As you get older, you can experience more brief awakenings and that is considered to be normal.


Top tips for optimal sleep include:

· Keep a regular sleep schedule: bedtime, wake-time and eating time

· Create a relaxing bedtime routine

· Avoid screens and tech before bed

· Avoid alcohol and sugary foods before bed

· Keep the bedroom cool, dark and quiet

· Dim the lights 2 hours before bedtime

· Morning exercise outdoors can boost your circadian rhythm with morning and daytime light exposure


Keeping a regular schedule is one of the most important recommendations for improving your sleep!

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