The Benefits of Play (13)

The Benefits of Play

β€œIt takes over 400 repetitions to create a synapse in the brain (true learning) without playful engagement OR about 12 repetitions to create a synapse when play is used to teach.” Dr Karyn Purves, Texas Christian University.

The benefits of adults playing do not stop there. As described by the incredible John Polley, all of these amazing things are on the list when you play:

πŸ† Increases brain health, creativity and learning.
πŸ† Improves myofascial tissue health through multi-directional movement.
πŸ† Improves nervous system, both through chain reaction mechanics and system sensitivity.
πŸ† Generates across-the-board improvements in strength, mobility, cardiovascular health, agility and balance.
πŸ† Creates human connection in seconds.
πŸ† Is fun – smiles, laughter, levity.
πŸ† Is happy hormone city – dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins.
πŸ† Brings us into the present moment – or what psychologists call β€˜the deep now.’
πŸ† Get it right and it induces flow state, our high-performance state of being.

Next time we are playing a game instead of diving into all of that hard-core serious stuff, think of all of the amazing things that are happening in your body and brain.

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