Trust your gut


Humans have loads of free nerve endings, especially around the viscera which are called interoceptors. These nerve endings allow us to perceive sensations from inside the body like your heart beat, how full your stomach feels, if you are thirsty or fatigued. This is called interoception.

Your brain uses the information that it receives from these interoceptors to cue your emotions. Are you hungry, nervous, cold, tired, etc. This process allows you to answer the question of ‘how do I feel?’

Clear awareness of your body signals not only gives you important feedback about exactly how you are feeling, but it also drives you to take action to remedy the situation.

For example, if you notice your stomach is growling (via your interoceptors), you then have a cue that you feel hungry, so that you go and find something to eat.

Before we start every semi-private session, we run through a body audit to check in with what is happening on the inside. This process is teaching our members to tune in to their interoceptive network and to become an ‘observer of their own situation.’

So, it turns out there is alot to be said about that saying of ‘listen to your gut!’

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