Vagus nerve


Vagus nerve

Your vagus nerve, is the longest & most important nerve in your body and it comes directly off your brain.

It goes to all of the organs of your body as well. Your abdomen, your chest, your sternum and all of the stuff in the front of your neck. We don’t generally think about these areas in our body as they are generally never painful.

The human bodies stress response is there to help you to survive, so you should feel stress when you are 1. in danger of being injured, 2. when your life is in danger.

🛑 STOP and think about your stress levels and how you feel for much of the time. Stressed? You are not alone! You need to help your body to get out of that chronically stressed state as your body ‘learns’ over time that that is your ‘normal.’

On top of that, your vagus nerve is also your major inflammatory control centre in your body. Vagus nerve stimulation and lymphatic system help go very closely together for you to have the best possible immunity and the lowest possible inflammation in your body. All of that = OPTIMAL HEALTH.

In summary, your vagus nerve goes EVERYWHERE and is incredibly powerful! If you show it some love and attention, it kinda might be helpful…….!!

We teach vagus nerve stimulation in our Semi-Private sessions and it has created some really happy humans!

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