Why move?


Why move?


Why do you CHOOSE to move?


As a trainer, when I ask people what their health and fitness goals are, they usually reply with a fairly standard answer.

  • I would like to lose a bit of weight.

  • I would like to tone up.


But the truth is, that may be part of it, but most people want much more. For example, many would like:

  • To be able to move without pain or discomfort.

  • To feel less stressed.

  • To feel mentally strong.

  • To be happy and smiling.

  • And many more personal reasons.


I move for happiness, mental clarity, productivity and creativeness. I move for stress relief, strength and variety. This is my WHY!


What is yours? Dig deeply. What are the REAL reasons you choose to move? And if you are not currently moving, what is missing in your life that you would like to change?


Ask yourself why 5 times! Why do you want to start living a healthier lifestyle? If your answer is ‘because I have no energy,’ then ask yourself why it is important for you to have more energy. Perhaps your answer is ‘because you want to be able to play with your children.’ Why is it important for you to play with your children and feel energetic? Perhaps your answer is ‘because you feel awful that you cannot even walk to the park without puffing.’ etc etc. You can see that the further that you delve, you will generally find more powerful and emotional reasons behind why you want to make a change and it is these emotions that are extremely powerful motivators.

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