Humans have loads of free nerve endings, especially around the viscera which are called interoceptors. These nerve endings allow us to perceive

Reduce your body’s need to hold onto fat   When lymph is not efficient, the body relies more on other detox organs

Autophagy   What’s autophagy?   You can think of it like little ‘pacmans’ that cruise around your body and clean up all

Everything sagging!   One of the building blocks of fascia is collagen which forms, thick twisted bands of densely packed fibres that

Glimmers & Triggers   Simmer on a glimmer today!   Glimmers – these cue your body to know it is safe. These

Body Unaware   Today when you are going about your business, ask yourself if you are unaware of your body.   Let’s

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The Benefits of Play “It takes …

The Benefits of Play “It takes …

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Fascia, or connective tissue, is a …


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